Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Use Cases, Benchmarking and validation framework of IMPRESS

IMPRESS platform has to be measured through a set of use case scenarios. They offer the opportunity for testing interoperability  between  the IMPRESS components, for filling the gap between business level (process models), technical level (workflows definition, web-services implementation) and user requirements,  and  for demonstration of a better communication between  several  different  organisations  that  seek  improved  interoperability. 

The target SCENARIOS for which use-cases are presented are:
SCENARIO 1 (Cross-border perspective, Greece - Bulgaria): An earthquake scenario at E79 motorway near Greek-Bulgarian border, with two impacts: Firstly an overflow of the river Strimona causing a landslide of the side of the road and secondly a sliding of large stones in the street. All the above caused a large number of injured drivers and passengers in urgent need of medical attention and transportation to the nearby hospitals triggering essentially a cross-border emergency operation
SCENARIO 2 (Italy): a fire develops on-board a ship moored in front the Palermo harbor, in the sea, right in front the Palermo promenade (Foro Umberto I). Due to the wind from NE, the risk exists that the consequent release of toxic substances can reach the densely populated area of Kalsa District.

If you want a copy of this report, please sent an email to  fp7.impress@gmail.com

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