Wednesday, August 12, 2015

IMPRESS Reference Semantic Model

IMPRESS has produced a technical report regarding the Reference Semantic Model as well as the Data Harmonization and Linked Data Provision process. This is is a living document that will be updated and improved during the progress of the IMPRESS Project and finally, delivered on March of 2016.
The IMPRESS Reference Semantic Model is an ontology defined as the IMPRESS Ontology. The upper layer of the IMPRESS Ontology contains four main concepts: EOPHC, Person, Resources and Activities. The vertical models cover various domains such as disasters, emergency stakeholders and agents, casualties, health status, equipment and rescue activities. The data facet includes various sets of code lists described in SKOS. IMPRESS Ontology is aligned with the model of the TSO standard.
The Data Harmonization procedure in the context of IMPRESS will provide a harmonized view of the datasets provided by the WARSYS component with the use of the Reference Semantic Model. The harmonized view of the data is an RDF view of the data provided as linked data.
Common Data Harmonization techniques that use ontology to integrate data from various resources are D2RQ, Virtuoso RDF views and ontop, while SILK provides an effective platform for linking and providing linked data.

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