Monday, March 7, 2016

Preperation of IMPRESS Palermo demo.

In the beginning of March, preparation actions for IMPRESS Palermo demo and related meetings with involved agencies and organizations took place by CNR and KEMEA in Palermo (Italy).

In Tuesday, 1st of March, Mr. Georgios Eftychios from KEMEA (Greece), carried out site survey in the area of Palermo demo that will take place in June 2016, which was followed by a full agenda of institutional meetings.The delegation was composed of representatives of DRPC, Paulo Blandino and Gianluca Gioia - directors of demo and Barbara Lo Casto - CNR team .Among others they met with the DRPC Director General and the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Port Authority, Harbour Master, Prefect, Medical Director Buccheri La Ferla, Central 118 and with the Mayor of Palermo.During these meetings, the operation of the Control Rooms and Crisis Unit of the various agencies and the Italian Civil Protection System, has been presented.In Wednesday, 2nd of March, at the headquarters of CNR Palermo, the 3rd meeting of the operational IMPRESS project took place.During this meeting the system of the June demo has been presented, which will simulate - with realistic scenarios - the fire on board a merchant ship carrying plastic material and the subsequent formation of a toxic cloud which will invest the village of Palermo.The above activities will take place at sea and later the civil protection system will be deployed to handle the emergency ground.This will provide contribution the Prefecture of Palermo, the police, the regional civil protection structures, provincial and municipal, the Port Authority, the Municipal and Provincial Police, the operational structures for sea rescue - Coast Guard and Department Fire with their SAF units and SMZ -, the police helicopters, the Carabinieri and the Guardia di Finanza GAN, the health component, the Red Cross and Voluntary Organizations.All public buildings and schools located in the "red zone." will be involved Also the Regional Museum of Palazzo Abatellis and the Casa-Museo di Palazzo Mirto will be affected by the event . On that occasion, in consultation with the Department of Cultural Heritage, the reaction of the staff and users of the museum will be tested. The training will also affect the Nautical Institute and some offices.Evaluators, observers and stakeholders from seven EU countries (project's partners origin) and members of the European Commission agencies, will attend the demo.

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